2013 Everglades Invasive Species Summit Presentations

Wednesday - July 24, 2013

  • Welcome Tony Pernas (ENP) and Dennis Giardina (FWC) PDF

Invasive Plant Operations Updates

Invasive Animal Operations Updates

Invasive Animal Updates



Thursday - July 25, 2013

Morning Breakout Sessions

  • CERP Biological Control Implementation Project: Paul Pratt (USDA) PDF
  • ECISMA Outreach: Rebecca Harvey (UF) PDF
  • Planning for Large Constrictor Workshop: Mike Rochford (UF) and Carol Mitchell (ENP) PDF

Afternoon Breaksout Sessions

  • Tegu/Nile Monitor/Chameleon/Caiman EDRR Planning: Tylan Dean (ENP) and Jenny Ketterlin Eckles (FWC) PDF
  • ECISMA Partner Non-native Fish EDRR Workday Planning: Jeff Kline (ENP) and John Galvez (USFWS) PDF
  • Invasive Plant Cooperative Work Planning: Dennis Giardina (FWC) and LeRoy Rodgers (SFWMD)PDF

Upcoming Events

Everglades CISMA Signatories


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