Everglades Cooperative Invasive Species Management Area


What We Do

The Everglades Cooperative Invasive Species Management Area (Everglades CISMA) is an interagency partnership that manages, researches, and educates about invasive species across South Florida. The Everglades CISMA contains six major partners plus numerous cooperators including federal, state, and local government agencies, universities, tribes, and nonprofit organizations. More details and organizational documents can be found on the Information for Partners page. Our three major program area are:
  • Invasive Species Control and Management
  • Research
  • Outreach and Education
You can help support our work by making a tax-exempt donation to Friends of Everglades CISMA, Inc. THank you for your support!

Invasive Species Control and Management

The Everglades CISMA coordinates management actions among the participating agencies and organizations. The first step to controlling an invasive species is to identify where it is on the invasion curve. Preventing a species from being introduced is the most cost-effective solution. Once introduced, eradication (complete removal) may be possible through early detection and rapid response (EDRR). However, as area of infestation grows, eradication becomes less likely and control costs increase. If an invader is not detected and removed early, expensive and long-term management may be unavoidable. Read more in our Invasion Curve brochure.


The Everglades CISMA brings together university and agency scientists to collaborate and share research on invasive plants and animals. Research is valuable at every phase of the invasion curve. For example, scientific risk assessments can help prevent invasions by identifying “risky” species for which trade made be restricted. Ongoing regional monitoring is a critical part of EDRR to detect, eradicate, or contain an invasive species. Ecological research into a species’ habitat use, physiological tolerances, impacts, and potential biocontrol can lead to more effective detection and management tools.

Outreach and Education

Public involvement is important to invasive species management, both to prevent further introductions and to help detect and report invaders. However, people often do not become aware of an invasive species until it is well into the “containment” phase of the invasion curve. To address this lack of awareness, the Everglades CISMA produces outreach materials and communicates to the public through presentations, exhibits, direct mailings, and social media. Audiences include residents in targeted areas, field workers who are likely to detect invasive species, students, and environmental decision makers. Visit Publications and Tools to download educational materials and How You Can Help to learn how you can get involved.